Our digital partner PureBlink was recently shortlisted for the prestigious international CG Architect awards in three categories. These Awards are the Oscars of Visualization in Architecture. It is extremely difficult just to get nominated. In fact, PureBlink was the only Canadian company to be nominated. There are only six professional categories and only five nominations are awarded per category. Agencies around the world submit their very best work. This year CG received over 4000 submissions.

PureBlink has been submitting their work for 18 years and this is the first time they’ve been nominated. Receiving three nominations is truly remarkable.

Two of the three nominations for were two of 52 Pick-up’s most upscale, luxury projects! PureBlink received the nomination in Interactive for our prestigious Bianca by Tridel for the touchscreen application developed for Bianca’s Sales Centre. And they received the nomination in Unreal Studio Experience (Film) for a video created for our bespoke Charbonnel by Treasure Hill project.

Some details:

For Bianca, PureBlink provided an interactive experience that is engaging, easy to use, and ultimately minimizes the sales pitch while displaying all the important information about the community and unit availability in real time. With over 450 units and more than 145 different floor plans, it was critical to have a central system that could keep up with managing the inventory, while being able to display the most updated unit information at the sales centre.

An interactive and visually rich touchscreen experience allows the user to navigate the project at their own pace in real time. The user has the ability to change the time of day, zoom in/out of any area, change the suite’s view from different angles, and enable the viewing of the amenity spaces and community.

In addition, a robust and smart unit search system, allows users to easily locate their desired unit through a series of filters, showing the results in a virtual 3D model while displaying the latest information in real time. Once the floor plan has been located, the user is able to compare floor plans and see the actual view from each unit.

The system helped reduce sales times for sales associates while helping them have a central source of information that is always up to date. Locating specific units within a given criteria was a task that took 10 – 15 minutes in the past. With the use of this touchscreen app, it is just a matter of seconds. This allowed the sales team to concentrate on guiding the interested buyers through the sales cycle.

For Charbonnel, PureBlink created an ultra-sophisticated macro video journey featuring the symbiotic relationship between art and craftsmanship and revealing beautiful abstract compositions that define this extremely upscale, high-end project. The video captures the elegance, timeless design and luxury that these homes engender. We like to think of this video as the “Art within the Architecture”. Dramatic lighting, post-production effects and multiple camera movements were utilized to create a most compelling glimpse into the spectacular details that define these 19 bespoke homes in Summerhill by Treasure Hill.

We are so proud of these accomplishments for PureBlink. Needless to say, our clients are over the moon with the results.

52 Pick-up has established relationships with the industry’s most talented and competent marketing partners. With our input and strategic approach to marketing and their innovative technologies, we are creating award-winning and successful strategies for our clients.

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